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You may pay either in cash or cheque via walk-in.

You may either pay in full upon enrollment or pay a down payment of 50% and fulfill the remaining balance within 3-5 days from enrollment.

1. ​We have fully-trained competent facilitators to apply our YAHSHUA TECHNOLOGY for training.
2. We have full-time facilitators to attend to your child's needs.
3. We provide excellent training services with an affordable price.
4. We are experts in Math and competent in other subjects.
5. We have a strategic location of training centers.
6. We provide individualized training programs.
7. We have computerized student systems.
8. We are able to evaluate or assess student performance every training session.
9. We provide Arts and Music training.
10. We teach with a parent's heart.

Summer: Starts on April to May
Specialized Academics:
Monday to Friday (9:00AM - 5:30PM)
Monday and Wednesday - Yahshua Intelex Uptown
Thursday and Friday - The Rock of UFM
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (9:00AM - 12:00NN) - Yahshua Intelex Uptown
Monday, Wednesday and Friday (2:00PM - 5:00PM) - Limketkai Mall, 2nd Floor

School Days: Starts on June to March
Specialized Academics:
Monday to Friday (12:00NN - 8:00PM)
Every Saturday (9:00AM - 12:00NN)
Every Saturday (1:00 - 5:00PM)

There is no cancellation upon signing of agreement. However, you may choose a different training program of the same rate.

The end of classes is based on the alloted number of sessions or expiration date of enrollment. Upon renewal, payment should be done within one week after the expiration date of the session. Otherwise, reserved slot will be given to others.

Make up classes or sessions can be arranged unless the reason of absences are valid. Otherwise, unconsumed session/s will be forfeited.

Registration can be applied to a different training program of your choice of the same rate or just add the remaining amount for higher rates whichever applies. This is only limited to the registered trainee.

Specialized Academics: We cater to all grade-levels both primary and secondary.

Other Training Programs: We cater to all ages including adults.

We at YAHSHUA Intelex has developed our own way of facilitating student's learning. The YAHSHUA Technology flows with today's student generation who were born into the digital world. The gadget has been the best bait for our students to entice them to the learning process of YAHSHUA System in which we have been already providing. Through the YAHSHUA System, the quality of student learning is never compromised regardless of the number of students in different grade levels. Hence, we give our students an individualized training material implementing the K-12 Curriculum with pre-lectio (review), lectio (current) and post-lectio (advance) of their lessons in school. Whether our students are slow, average or fast learners, all of them can benefit the same vast improvements through our YAHSHUA System.

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Let us unleash your child's brain power.

YAHSHUA Intelex, Corp.
1st Floor Stonestown Building
Uptown, Cagayan de Oro 9000
P: Pueblo - 859 0570
P: Macasandig - 881 9288
M: Macasandig - 0917 329 7592

YAHSHUA Intelex, Corp. is an after-school training center. The Yahshua Technology of training is based on the K-12 learning competencies for every specific grade level. Yahshua Intelex is focused in training the students to excel in every subject, including Music and the Arts.

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YAHSHUA Intelex, Corp. is a specialty school in the Philippines focusing on Math, music, and arts.